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Sang Young & Co.,Ltd. has been engaged in wig industry for 33 years since it was founded in 1967. All through such long history, we have been leading this industry as a fashion leader and major manufacturer of large quantity of products.
Our products are maintaining highest reputation in 22 countries where there are demands for top quality wigs.
It's our pride that most of major distributors of wigs in U.S.A and EUROPE are our customers.

Our main products are lady's wig(machine-made, all hand-made, mono-knotting wig), men's hairpiece(Toupee), all kinds of hair accessories for caucasian and ethnic market. Our main materials are synthetic fiber, Kanekalon(all kinds), Toyokalon and Teviron, etc.
We have more than 1,000 hairstyles available in 45 colors. You can select any kind of curly, Tapered back, Fluff Back, Pageboy, Mushroom, Shaggy, Bob, Gamin, etc.
We have no catalogue because all of our wigs are sold at O.E.M Base.
If you send us any original sample or photos of your favorite styles, we will duplicate them to your satisfaction.
Our design room continues to develope new styles every month up to the trend of new fashion.

We have two factories, one in KOREA, another in CHINA.
Depending on your necessity, we can supply you with "MADE IN KOREA" wig or "MADE IN CHINA" wig.
In KOREA, we produce 4,000PCS of wig per month.
In CHINA, we produce 45,000PCS of wig per month with 1,000 workers.

You are requested to place an order of minimum 300PCS per Style, 10PCS per Color. If your order quantity is less than the minimum, surcharge will be added to regular price.
Delivery is 8 weeks after receipt of payment.
Payment is accepted by T/T, L/C or bank check.

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